if you took marina’s sadness and narcissism and added lana del rey’s daddy issues and obsession w/ fame u would have me


where do i go irl to meet people who don’t give a shit about the beatles?


sometimes im like ? but most times im like ?????????

I loathe when people think that I’m shy rather than introverted. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being shy, I’m just not, and they are two separate things. People cajoling me into social situations try to assure me that I “don’t have to talk to everyone” or that “everyone will love me.” Bitch, of course they will like me. I am delightful. I just find prolonged social interactions to be extremely exhausting.
—Comment by popculturemulcher in the article I’m Not a Miserable Bitch, I’m Just an Introvert (via sinisterlava)


I like girls but then again I like boys but then again I hate everyone


Thin privilege is sinning your whole life and not caring because you’ll squeeze through the pearly gates anyway

Meanwhile, Richard Siken

Meanwhile, Richard Siken